Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm
Thursday  10am-6pm


Children's Consignment Shop Services for shoppers
in the Bronx & Dobbs Ferry, NY Area


We are a children's consignment shop, not a thrift shop. This means we sell goods for owners, instead of purchasing them initially. To see some of the products that we sell, click here.

If you choose to work with us as a consignor, you keep ownership of your items until they sell, if they sell. In other words, you don’t get paid until someone pays us for the merchandise.

We sell quality children's clothing.

After scheduling a consignment appointment with us, we will select the items we want to accept and sell. Then, we will set the prices for your items that will be sold. Once your items sell, if they sell, you can stop in to receive your money, which is available to you as cash or store credit. Keep in mind, you will pay us a small fee as compensation for selling your item for you.

The consignor receives a percentage for items sold from 40% to 50% of the selling price depending on the classification of items consigned. 

If your items go unsold for a certain duration of time, you must come pick them up before the end of the season.

Call 914-627-9462 for more information or to schedule a consignment appointment with us.
We check all of our consigned baby equipment and furniture for
safety and compliance with consumer safety regulations.

You can be sure that our items have not been recalled, are properly assembled, and are working properly.

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